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Why Sonnant?

Accurate and affordable transcription is just the starting point in 2021. Sonnant takes you to the next level with AI driven contextual analysis to provide you with topics, keywords, entities, SEO capabilities and enables your content to be shared with relevant snippets.

Sonnant Insights

Using machine learning and NLP techniques we extract relevant keywords, topics and entities,  generate summaries or top quotes from your transcripts. 


Sonnant identifies similar content items based on topics, sentiments and other factors that drive recommendations for the personalisation engine on your site, app or device.


ML models are evolving rapidly.   Contact us to learn more about how Sonnant can help your audio content reach a wider audience.


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Sonnant suits any size of organisation from an individual through to the largest of corporates



Super intuitive to use and only shows the user the things that they need to make decisions. Outcome rather than analysis focused

Actionable Insights

Focused on telling users what they can do with the information, rather than just providing the insights

Here's the whisper


Transcribe any audio to text, quickly and accurately. Simply remove time consuming costs and use our powerful platform to provide clarity in all communications.

Where is your voice?

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Video captioning

Video transcription

Podcast editing

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Content creators

Publishers and promoters


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Seminars and events


Banking and finance

The Science of Conversation


Sonnant extracts the value previously hidden within audio and video files, unpacking and ordering this information into promotional capabilities, search and interactive functions, accessible information and proprietary metadata layers that drives the next wave of content delivery and discovery.

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