Sonnant Feature Updates from July 30th 2021

A huge update for the end of July.

  • A new “View clips” page allowing you to easily see all of the clips that you have created for your content item.
  • Automatically created “Suggested clips”, using machine learning to determine the best Q&A by topic and context.
  • Newly styled Create clip, Share and Export models.
  • A new Preview modal so that you can see your clips without having to share them first.  Preview mode has also been incorporated into the Share modal directly.
  • A new clipping tool that allows you to drag and drop your start and end times when creating or recreating a clip.
  • The ability to recreate clips (i.e. to use edits to the transcript, move start or end times or burn in captions).
  • Automated Clip status updating on the share modal
  • A new Admin Preferences page for default preferences.
  • New content item and clip action menus allowing you to perform many of the actions without having to go into the Edit Transcript page.
  • Twitter post incorporated into the product with an editable preview (<2min clips displayed otherwise URL to public player).
  • A new View clips button on the Edit Transcript page.
  • Rename Publish to “Create clip” across the application.
  • New Sign up and Sign in modals as well as a new post first login Welcome email.
  • Improved YouTube importer.
  • Follow along in the Edit Transcript page now displays the current caption in the centre of the screen rather than at the top.
  • Small UI improvements
  • A new Bulk Upload with Transcript API
  • Updated burned-in captions.

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