Sonnant Feature Updates from Jun 22nd 2021

We come with great news from Sonnant. Lots of improvements and updates to help you be more effective and efficient with your content workflows.

  • Post Directly to LinkedIn: The first of our social integrations, Sonnant can automatically create LinkedIn posts (including the best #hashtags) from the files you upload- using the AI-generated summary & keywords. Game changer, time saver!
    • Publish a snippet (less than 10mins duration)
    • Share the snippet (select it and hit the share button)
    • Click the LinkedIn icon and follow the prompts (Facebook & Twitter coming soon)

  • Highlight Text & Publish: Yes, you read that right. Highlight any part of the transcript, click the icon and publish a snippet of your content. Export to video with subtitles for the perfect supporting social content.
  • Caption Timecode Editing: Doubleclick your caption time codes to edit them.
  • Key Data for Audience Targeting: We’ve expanded the keywords being picked up, including People, Products, Organisations, Locations, Nationalities, Religions and Emails.
  • Limiting Caption Characters: Captions by default will generate with less than 105 characters to avoid them displaying on more than two lines.
  • Find & Replace: You can keyword search your transcript and make bulk changes to common misspellings. You can also select part of the text, make it case sensitive or exactly match a whole word.

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