Sonnant Feature Updates from 2nd Sept 2021

There were close to 45 updates launched at the end of August, the main updates include:

  • Uploads:
    • The upload functionality has had a total makeover. It now handles multiple file uploads concurrently, including full folders and subfolders, direct uploads from OneDrive and Dropbox, URLs from anywhere on the internet (where the URL is direct to a media file, e.g. .mp3 or .mp4) and an improved YouTube import.
    • Uploads can also continue in the background allowing you to continue working or upload over a slow connection.
    • A much wider range of media file types are now supported (.mp3, .mp4, .flv, .mkv, .wmv, .avi, .mpeg, .aac, .aiff, .au, .3gp, .flac, .ra, .m4a, .wma, .m4v, .cf, .mov, .mpg, .webm, .wav, .asf, .amr). GDrive support will be coming soon.
  • Thumbnails: You can now change the thumbnails associated with content items and clips. There is a new Update thumbnail option in the action menus. This allows you to pick a frame or upload an image to use as the thumbnail. New clips will get their own default thumbnail generated from 10 seconds into the clip.
  • Thumbnail Preview: Hover over a library thumbnail to get a quick animated preview of the content item.
  • Tooltips: Tooltips are small descriptions of functionality that display when you hover over an item or button. These are now showing all over the system.
  • Sorting and Searching of Key Terms and other tag layers: On the Edit Transcript and Public Player pages you can now sort the tags in a number of different ways and also perform a text search showing only the tags that match your search.
  • Capitalisation of Transcript: Better capitalisation of the transcript will now also enable much better entity detection for the tag metadata layers.
  • Public Player Improvements: The public player now has the option to display and follow along via a paragraph view. Tooltips also now display on the Public Player.
  • Upload Video on Sign up: When a customer creates a new account, it is populated with an ‘Upload Help Video’.
  • Movable Vertical Scroll Bar: The vertical scroll bar on the Edit Transcript and Public Player pages now can be repositioned to give more or less space to the media player.
  • Over 30 additional bug fixes and UI improvements: Mostly focused on system stability and bugs in the UI.


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