Sonnant Feature Updates from May 18th 2021

A number of new features and improvements rolled out this week (thanks to all our Beta feedback):

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts: You can now use the following keyboard shortcuts in addition to the media keys:
    1. Control-Space: This stops or starts the playing
    2. Tab: Advance to the next caption, this can be done whether you are playing or paused.
    3. Shift-Tab: Go back to the beginning of the current caption, or if already at the beginning, go back to the beginning of the previous caption.
  2. Auto Save: The auto save will now be done every 10 minutes, unless there is a manual save.
  3. Save Naming: Better naming of the manual saves (using the user name so you can track multi-user saves).
  4. Key Terms: If in edit mode you can double click on a key term to edit it. You’ll then be prompted to apply this change to the full transcript. E.g., now you can change “melbourne” to “Melbourne” across the entire transcript.
  5. Transcript Export: You can now export a word version of the transcript as well as select either caption or speaker paragraph versions of the output.
  6. Time out / Sign in: Fixed time outs to prompt you first before logging out. It also keeps you in the place you were last editing on sign in.
  7. Playback Speeds: You now have the 1.25x included, to make it easier for faster editing.
  8. Content Library action menu: Each piece of content has a small menu in the library (three dots bottom right) for renaming, sharing, publishing or browsing saved versions..
  9. Mobile version of the public player: Better optimised for viewing on mobile.

You may note some other minor changes to UI and bug fixes.

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