How to post to social media or share a link to my content?

Sonnant has built-in functions to enable you to post / share content directly to social media, all within the platform. LinkedIn is currently included with additional support to come. You can also create a link to your content to share publically that will allow someone to view your content with all metadata – but without edit access.

If you haven’t already, make sure you have some content uploaded to your library.

Open your content by clicking on it. Then navigate through the transcript to find the content you would like to promote.

Then publish the section or whole piece of content. You can so this by hitting ‘publish’ and manually adjusting the timecode. Or you are able to simply highlight the text, click the icon that appears and your content snippet is created based on the spoken word content you would like included.

Select the checkboxes that you would like to include: Media File Download, Caption Download, Transcript search & Library Search. And any metadata layers to include.

Hit the publish button.

Click the ‘share’ button. It may take a moment, however, you will know when your file is ready when “Published” appears next to it. Once it’s published, select your content and click the “share” button.

You are now able to do a number of options:

  • Publish/share a link so others can view your content in Sonnant.
  • Generate social posts to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (follow the prompts)
  • Embed your video into a website.

As of posting, only sharing a link and posting to LinkedIn is live. However the other functions will be coming soon.

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