Solve your creator, listener and monetisation problems for audio and video with the following promotion and discovery tools.

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For customers, Sonnant delivers an ROI via cost saving and revenue generation features for businesses of all sizes.

Also, our AI creates valuable insights, tagging and metadata that future proofs your old, current and new content for the digital content consumption revolution.

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Sonnant is different. We treat you and your content differently. We understand your use cases and have built tools to prove it. Our focus is accuracy, speed and understanding.

You can take what you need and create new workflows, or meld it with existing workflows. Either way, you’ll increase efficiency and achieve better outcomes.

  • Transcripts – Fast, accurate, editable, exportable, shareable online or download in .doc / PDF / txt
  • Captions – Automatically generated, easy to change, export as SRT / VTT or burn into content
  • Library – A powerful searchable and dynamic content library for voice and video (CMS / DAM)
  • Keywords – Automatically highlights keywords, people, places + create and export custom lists
  • Summarisation – Powerful AI writes content summary to make it easy to find, follow and share.
  • Clips / snippets / audiograms – Create (or use our AI created) snippets / audiograms for sharing
  • Custom terms / vocabulary – Upload names, brands, key terms for accuracy and exporting.
  • Upload integration – Bulk or API upload from common platforms including YouTube.
  • Speaker identification – Automatically picks up all different speakers and lets you label and change
  • Clip collection – Keep all clips with original file, and make as many as you need with ease and control.
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Sonnant will save you time in workflows. It will allow you to search and promote with ease, and to better monetise your voice and video content through content alignment and contextual targeting.

You and your team will save masses of time, do more for less and your audience will engage longer and more often with your content.

  • Recommended clips – Upload files and Sonnant will deliver you AI clips ready to share and promote.
  • Social sharing – create clips / snippets / audiograms you want to share then click to post.
  • Highlight to clip – So easy to find the words, the simply highlight to create unlimited, engaging, clips.
  • Embed player – A web page for clips with a player plus transcripts, captions, keywords + more.
  • Automatic chapters – Create automatic chapters for better engagement, promotion and advertising.
  • Hashtags – Use all the AI identified hashtags for close promotional alignment with your audience
  • Export captioned videos / transcripts – Export into multiple file types to promote in platforms.
  • Archival revival – you have a wealth of timeless, so use it, revive it to get even more engagement.
  • Brand safety – Ensure promotional efforts align with content / context to avoid misuse of brands.
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Any content creator, producer, promoter wants to get the best audience for their content. You want to pull the audience into your eco-system. And, we want that for you too.

Content creation is hard and content distribution is just as hard and, probably more important. For the best chance at audience reach and engagement, we’ve created tools for you to distribute content in a way that your content can be readily discovered.

  • SEO ready – Embed clips, transcripts, summaries to have search engines index for better discovery.
  • Content search – allow anyone to search your library to find what they want when they want it.
  • Topic ontology – help suggest content your audience what they might like, based on what they listened to last.
  • Playlists – Create curated playlists for your audience based on what they consumed; “here is something else you might like”
  • Targeted advertising – Understand the context of chapters, paragraphs and #hashtags to target audience on social sites
  • Tagged content – a deep understanding of what’s locked inside. You can use it in existing workflows, apps or platforms.
  • Detailed topic insights and spoken word extraction – search and summarise for finding what you like at any time.
  • IAB categorisation (coming soon) – AI suggests industry based categories for surfacing your content in the best places.
  • What’s trending? – Automatically notifies you when content from your library has topics / people / places that are trending.
  • Structured data – structure your data for voice activation – “hey Alexa / Google / Siri,  find me some content on Turtles”
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“We were delighted when Sonnant’s tech outperformed several ‘off the shelf’ products we pitted it against in testing.”

Chris Johnson, Head of Digital & Innovation, Southern Cross Austereo