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Sonnant is a powerful AI and API driven platform that will deliver your organisation a new understanding of spoken word audio and video content.

More than that, we exceed other platforms with our machine learning technology that improves your workflows and your ability to promote content and have it discovered.

With this newfound power, Sonnant will structure your spoken word data so you can integrate it via API into your existing workflows and systems.

You will attain new levels of efficiency saving you and your teams countless hours and achieve tremendous cost savings.

You will be able to achieve better outcomes for your content by accessing the most comprehensive set of AI voice tools on the market.

“We were delighted when Sonnant’s tech outperformed several ‘off the shelf’ products we pitted it against in testing.”

Chris Johnson, Head of Digital & Innovation, Southern Cross Austereo

Sonnant is an open architecture that integrates with existing voice infrastructure.

Sonnant provides quality & consistency. Our AI will not only do it faster – but better.

Automation will free up your time by reducing low-value tasks, allowing you to focus on customers & audiences.

The ability to understand, structure & access voice data at low cost & high speed opens up transformational possibilities.

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Sonnant has delivered up to 25x returns for businesses.

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  • Turn your unstructured voice data to structured data
  • Time and cost savings of processing content – a significant driver of your business case with 25x return on investment
  • AI automation of low-value work
  • Automation for monetising and promoting content
  • Greater audience reach and engagement
  • Use Sonnant in every aspect of digital transformation
    • Presales, sales, brands, advertising, promotion, archives, socials, digitals, targeting, playlists and more

We support you with a team to help you integrate & achieve. With a community that helps direct what you can do next with this incredible platform and your spoken word data.

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Product Features

Structured Data

Turn unstructured voice content into structured, metadata rich & tagged data for promotion / discovery / advertising / targeting / voice activation / trends and more.


Automate the creation of targeted promotional assets, such as video clips, to increase audience growth and engagement.


Automate the production of promotional assets from your audio and video content.

Discovery & Acquisition

Automate & build assets that drive audiences towards your content, such as SEO, transcripts, captions, automated summaries and web based blogs.

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Need something custom, have large content requirements or API Integration?

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