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Use our accurate, AI-powered transcription engine to quickly generate a transcript of your content - podcast, training video, educational lecture, webinar, interview, meeting…just about any audio or audio-visual file.


  • Edit in your browser to clean up your transcript  (Don’t have time?   We have human editors standing by for that final polish)

  • Add speaker labels and diarisation

  • Adjust timestamps

  • Collaborate with your team – add notes and comments to your transcript

  • Add custom vocabulary to improve accuracy

  • Export to text, Word doc, PDF

  • Create subtitles (SRT/VTT)

With Sonnant Insights,  search the meta data in your content library to explore topics, keywords, summaries, key quotes and sentiment.


  • Search your library and find the moments that matter

  • Publish and share your content with our media and transcript player 

  • Embed search in your site so your listeners can find the content they’re looking for

  • Create subtitles or burn open captions to add it to any content player.

With Sonnant Insights,  surface the meta data in your content library to explore topics, keywords, summaries, key quotes and sentiment.


Use the metadata tagging of your content to drive better SEO,  automate #hasthtags and other snippets for social media distribution – so your listeners can discover your content.



Apply Sonnant’s machine learning capability to further engage your listeners.  We generate recommendations, playlists and other personalisations that integrate with your content distribution platform for podcasts, CPD content, or lectures.


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Increase monetisation of your content through improved relevancy of dynamic ad insertion.   Contact us to learn more.

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Transcribe any audio to text, quickly and accurately. Simply remove time consuming costs and use our powerful platform to provide clarity in all communications.

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Sonnant extracts the value previously hidden within audio and video files, unpacking and ordering this information into promotional capabilities, search and interactive functions, accessible information and proprietary metadata layers that drives the next wave of content delivery and discovery.

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