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Audio content automation

Get more audience engagement quickly with Sonnant’s audio content automation. Upload your file and get results in minutes. Trial our services for free.

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Grow your audience engagement with audio content automation

  1. Build brand trust and reputation with your audience – Great content builds a great reputation. Today, more than ever, companies must build trust with their leads and their customers. 70% of consumers believe that companies that provide original content are interested in building strong relationships with them.
  2. Automatically generate social posts by uploading your podcasts and audio content to Sonnant, or by connecting your library via API. You can quickly generate hundreds/thousands of audio clips from your content archives which will help you reach more listeners organically.
  3. Better ROI and generate leads and increase conversions – According to 74% of companies surveyed, content marketing has increased their marketing leads (Source: Curata) and 72% have demonstrated that audio content not only increases leads, but significantly increases conversions from 6%-23%. (Source: HubSpot)
  4. Sonnant’s audio content automation offers creators and publishers one of the most innovative ways to incorporate audio into customer-facing promotions. It also helps you increase audience awareness and engagement.
  5. Businesses that post consistent content average 434% more indexed pages by search engines than those that don’t publish at all (Source: TechClient). Google’s algorithms are always changing, but original and relevant content will rank higher and be served more. Your audio content will only take a few moments to add captions to your audio and post allowing search engines to index. If ever there was a reason to use video marketing and promotion, this is it.
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voice to text converter
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Why audio content automation?

Audio marketing has exploded. That’s good because you’ve finally got a way around those annoying barriers that people tend to erect when they sense old-school sales marketing. But it’s bad because it means you’re competing against a tidal wave of shiny new content from competitors, analysts, thought leaders, bloggers and wannabes.

Bottom line: good content isn’t enough anymore. You need insanely great content that’s on- strategy and incites action. And you need to deliver it in a consistent, ongoing program. To do that, you need audio content automation to accomplish and achieve customer motivation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my library private?2021-07-23T06:28:18+00:00

Yes! Although content items are visible to all users with access to your library, only items that are explicitly shared are available to others.

How much does it cost to use Sonnant?2021-10-01T06:34:38+00:00
Sonnant is currently free for 1 hour of transcription.
You’ll be able to transcribe, edit, publish export and share your transcripts for free (subject to fair use policies).
To see our pricing structure, follow this link.
How does Sonnant work?2021-06-10T02:56:11+00:00

Sonnant uses state of the art automated transcription trained on many years of content. There is then the optional step of human review to improve the accuracy. Once available both the transcript and the original content are then analysed by numerous machine learning models to extract additional insights.

How can I get support or provide feedback?2021-07-23T06:34:56+00:00
Once logged into Sonnant:
1. Click on your avatar and select ‘Support’.
2. Complete the form.
We will get back to you as quickly as possible!

Some of our delighted customers & industry leaders

“I love using Sonnant with our podcast.  The tool is accurate and quick making life so much easier for me! Sonnant also made podcast discovery and promotion much easier with everything I needed within the tool. A huge time saver for me as well!”
Marketing Executive TestimonialMaryanne Cidoni, Marketing Executive

“We were delighted when Sonnant’s tech outperformed several ‘off the shelf’ products we pitted it against in testing.”

Chris Johnson Southern Cross AustereoChris Johnson, Head of Digital & Innovation, Southern Cross Austereo

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Manage your promotional assets in one central content library.


Distribution of your content to all promotional / social platforms with video & audio exports. Create a sustained cadence and achieve an increased reach and engagement.


Sonnant delivers high-quality SEO ready content including transcripts, summaries, topics, keywords, tags and more. It also allows for keyword navigation of your spoken word library.


Clip your content to create blogs, snippets, video and static posts that will draw people into your eco-system and engagement with your content.​

Revive Archive

Using your complete library of content, Sonnant will help you find topical and trending content based keywords found through transcription.​


Turn your unstructured data into structured. Search & understand your content library for people, places, words, phrases, topics, speakers and more.


Make video more engaging, accessible, eye catching and easy to digest by adding Subtitles and Captions to your content.

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