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Find your audience, keep them engaged and engage them for longer with Sonnant.

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The holy trinity of content: find your audience, keep them engaged, engage them for longer.

Playlists & recommendations delivered to retain an audience within your content & ecosystem – are a technological triumph in this space.

Sonnant’s is built to transcribe and understand the content that you produce and can group it by the topics your audience enjoys most.

Sonnant’s playlists and recommendations

Recommend – Recommend more content to audiences based closely on their preferences, likes, needs, or what they have been consuming.

Advertising – Understanding your content in-depth, leads you to understand what advertising is aligned and will work well with your audience.

Follow – Let your audience follow the topics they like and give them more of what they want when they want it or when it is published.

Data structure – A topic ontology to understand your content in detail and draw close links between listeners and advertisers.

Centralise cloud library – So easy to find all your content, use it, collaborate, share and distribute.

Use your archived library – you have a wealth of timeless content, so keep it safe and secure in the cloud and use it, revive it to get even more engagement.

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Some of our delighted customers & industry leaders

“I love using Sonnant with our podcast.  The tool is accurate and quick making life so much easier for me! Sonnant also made podcast discovery and promotion much easier with everything I needed within the tool. A huge time saver for me as well!”
Marketing Executive TestimonialMaryanne Cidoni, Marketing Executive

“We were delighted when Sonnant’s tech outperformed several ‘off the shelf’ products we pitted it against in testing.”

Chris Johnson, Head of Digital & Innovation, Southern Cross Austereo

Engage Video Marketing Podcast

“You can very quickly clip your main content and then just publish it off to a platform. I think that’s a time saver and game changer alone” – Ben Amos

The Experts Blueprint

If you have a bank of content you can just find it really quickly… archival revival… you can put something out 12 months ago, but then also put it out again. ” – The Experts Blueprint

Pod Nation

Sonnant wants to give you your weekends back by saving time creating captions and clips to share for your podcast!” – PodNation

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Sonnant applications


Tools to support every stage of your development process, from ideation to archiving.

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Increase your productivity. Save time & money through AI lead automation workflows.

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Is your content undiscovered? Maximise your its reach and engagement potential.

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Content Distribution

From individuals to enterprises, our tools deliver better outcomes at a lower cost.

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Snippets, Audiograms & Clips

Create engaging Clips, Snippets & Audiograms from your content – automatically.

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Playlists & Recommendations

Find your audience, keep them engaged and engage them for longer with Sonnant

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Cloud Sharing

Add metadata, topics & a deep understanding of your content – shared in the cloud.

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