Content discovery and content promotion for audio & video

Sonnant is a machine learning application for spoken word audio and video that enables content creators, publishers and distributors to increase their content reach and save time.

Solving content discovery

Content is king, but that is only half of the story. The real challenge with content is distribution, and distribution is the entire kingdom.

We spend valuable (and worthy) time in creating content – ideation, production & editing. However, if no one can discover the content we produce, it depreciates. Sonnant has been created for individuals and companies to deliver a best practice approach to their content distribution – all while saving time through AI-powered automation.

Content discovery is more than just views and watch time.

It’s structuring the data behind spoken word content to fully understand it. If you know what topics, places, people & brands are spoken about and when – you and your audience can more effectively navigate your archive of content. Sonnant automates the creation of topical clips, snippets and audiograms from your archive and can help you more effectively monetise or place relevant advertising at the perfect moment.

Sonnant discovers the context of your content, providing structure to what has previously been hidden. Powered by AI, its fast, accurate and invaluable to gaining an audience and retaining their attention.

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Tony Simmons - Founder & CEO
Tony Simmons - Founder & CEO

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