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Content discovery tools for the spoken word

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Quickly and accurately turn audio into text for publication and SEO benefits


Make video more engaging, accessible and easy to digest


Share, search, discover - better marketing reach for all content


Provide users with content and information that is relevant to their needs and interests


Allow all content to be easily searched, shared, exported and used in meaningful ways for consumers


Keep them alive and use them effectively - don’t ever let a word go to waste

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We use AI to solve your biggest audio and video problems - discoverability

We help our customers to develop robust and relevant cyber resilience strategies for their organisations.

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Sonnant supports every bit of audio and video you have. Sonnant works on any browser on any device or easily integrates into your site, app or device.

Gain a competitive advantage

Tools for the spoken word are ready, using them is a competitive necessity. Experience a transformational approach to all voice content, as our customers have, across all levels and functions of your business.


Voice is everywhere in every organisation.

It exists in every single interaction. The challenge has always been to efficiently derive value from the spoken word, then use it effectively. Sonnant has solved these challenges by combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) with our vast experience working in business environments. Sonnant structures your unstructured voice data and created layers of metadata that can be used by our platform, or integrated into yours. If you can imagine a future where all your spoken content is centralised, accessible across the organisation - shareable, trackable, indexable, tagged and measured with deep analytics of what's valuable and what's not, then you have imagined Sonnant.


Sonnant moves the needle where it matters. 

Here's the whisper


Transcribe any audio to text, quickly and accurately. Simply remove time consuming costs and use our powerful platform to provide clarity in all communications.

Where is your voice?

Transcription online

Video captioning

Video transcription

Podcast editing

SRT & VTT files

We hear you

Content creators

Publishers and promoters


Accessibility requirements


Seminars and events


Banking and finance

The Science of Conversation


Sonnant extracts the value previously hidden within audio and video files, unpacking and ordering this information into promotional capabilities, search and interactive functions, accessible information and proprietary metadata layers that drives the next wave of content delivery and discovery.

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