Automated promotion & discovery of spoken word content.

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AI promotion, monetisation and discovery solutions for audio and video.

Leverage voice and video content with automation for creation, growth from promotion, context for monetisation.

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One platform for audio and video content at scale
One platform for audio and video content at scale

Trusted by world leading content companies

The spoken word is our most essential form of communication.

In a world where everything is digital, we’ve solved the biggest spoken word content problems.

Promotion for creators

Extract, structure and automatically create revenue generating assets with massive productivity gains.

automate the creation of targeted promotional assets to efficiently increase audience size and engagement.

Discovery for listeners

Content distribution for discovery is essential, but time consuming and arduous

Dominate distribution and discovery with assets that drive audience to your content, and allow it to be searched and discovered.

Structure voice data – content library

Voice is analogue and unstructured, with limitations in our digital world.

Sonnant turns spoken word data into tagged, structured data for numerous applications such as search, activation and advertising

Monetisation and acquisition

Content creation and distribution is expensive. You want your content (your clients content) to win.

With layers of metadata and deep content insights, you can align your content and audience, contextually target advertising and revive your content archive.

With Sonnant, you’ll save time and money when promoting your content.

Get cut through and get found. Grow your audience faster with archived content delivered at the right time for maximum impact.

Extract maximum value from spoken word audio and video content.

Product Features

Transcription & Transcripts

Quick, accurate, editable, shareable, low-cost. Sonnant delivers high-quality transcripts in minutes that you can search, collaborate and share.

Plus, we give you so much more – more than any transcription service on the market.

Social Media Promotion

Content is king, but distribution is everything. Regular promotion and distribution is required to maximise reach and engagement. Sonnant automates that hard, time consuming, workflows of best-practice content promotion and social distribution. Do less, reach more, more often.

Searchable Content Library

The spoken word is everywhere, in all of our content. Rarely is it indexed so that you can find the exact moment a topic, phrases, brand or any words is spoken. With our feature rich content library for audio and video, reviving your archival content will give your breath new life into historical content.

Captions & Subtitles

Fact: Captions increase engagement. They make your content eye-catching, accessible and easy to understand. Sonnant automatically creates captions, can export to other platforms and can be burnt into your videos.

Clips, Snippets & Audiograms

We are different than the rest and that is because we use AI technology to give you more value and help you grow

You need clips for promotion, we are your partner. Sonnant suggests engaging clips for automatic promotion and gives you the relevant hashtags. It’s a few quick clicks to create and promote.

But, if you want to create your own audiograms, snippets and clips yourself, simply select the words and viola, clip is ready to go and you’ve got complete control.

AI Ingenuity For Your Content

Sonnant is not just another transcription platform, not just another management tool. No, Sonnant is using AI to give you more tools to leverage your content and streamline your workflows.

  • Automatic summaries of content
  • Chapterising and paragraphing content
  • Speaker identification
  • Brand and proper noun extraction
  • Hashtag # identification for social posts
  • Topic ontology for your library of content
  • More coming with every monthly release

Structure Your Spoken Words

Whether you are recording, promoting, editing, publishing, promoting, advertising or re-using, Sonnant allows any user to extract maximum value from audio and video.

The team at Sonnant want you to succeed, we want you to have insights and understanding, we want to help you now and into the future, we want you to have all the data that will help you make better decisions and move the needle for your business, you staff, your customers and your audience.

Sonnant for content marketing

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Some of our delighted customers & industry leaders

“I love using Sonnant with our podcast.  The tool is accurate and quick making life so much easier for me! Sonnant also made podcast discovery and promotion much easier with everything I needed within the tool. A huge time saver for me as well!”
Marketing Executive TestimonialMaryanne Cidoni, Marketing Executive

“We were delighted when Sonnant’s tech outperformed several ‘off the shelf’ products we pitted it against in testing.”

Chris Johnson Southern Cross AustereoChris Johnson, Head of Digital & Innovation, Southern Cross Austereo

Engage Video Marketing Podcast

Tony Simmons with Ben Amos on Engage Video Marketing

“You can very quickly clip your main content and then just publish it off to a platform. I think that’s a time saver and game changer alone” – Ben Amos

The Experts Blueprint

Tony Simmons on How Sonnant is using AI

If you have a bank of content you can just find it really quickly… archival revival… you can put something out 12 months ago, but then also put it out again. ” – The Experts Blueprint

Pod Nation

Pod Nation uses Sonnant AI

Sonnant wants to give you your weekends back by saving time creating captions and clips to share for your podcast!” – PodNation


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